• Darlene Smith, Garden Spot Village resident, and Brenda Kauffman, Garden Spot Village team member interact with a child during a Garden Spot Village Travel with Purpose trip with CURE Kenya.
    Discovering Joy on the Other Side of the World
  • Garden Spot Village resident Gordon Lash interacts with students from New Holland Elementary School
    Crafting Cross-Generational Memories
  • Lois and Don Aldrich and Fred and Eileen Eck coordinate a monthly community meal at CrossNet Youth Center
    Celebrating Community
  • Ed and Pat Frankel in Uganda
    In Search of a Silverback Gorilla
  • Ted and Kathy Krug find a new way forward at Garden Spot Village.
    Finding a New Way Forward
  • Bob Collins works in the metal shop at Garden Spot Village
    Crafting a Future

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