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The Bee Club at Garden Spot Village check and take care of their bee hives.

Nurturing Growth

This short film profiles the Garden Spot Village Bee Club. Jim McAbee, Hobe Dearborn and Sandy Allen discuss the newly formed Bee Club and how they find purpose and community while they work together.  This film was featured in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Destination Magazine. To read more about the Garden Spot Village Bee Club, visit:  Read More
Residents at Garden Spot Village enjoy exercising and staying active in our newly renovated wellness department.

Innovating Wellness at Garden Spot Village

This short film profiles the Garden Spot Village Wellness Center. Garden Spot Village Director of Wellness Lauren Graber explains the recent renovations, new equipment and how residents and employees can use the Wellness Center. Read More
Lloyd Ziegler with his wife Terry grilling at their cottage at Garden Spot Village

Money Can Buy Happiness!

This short film features Garden Spot Village residents explaining how to buy happiness. Researchers from Harvard and several other universities surveyed a diverse cross-section of adults from the United States, Canada, Denmark and The Netherlands and published the results in the Aug. 8, 2017, journal PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers found that “individuals who spend money on time-saving services report greater life satisfaction” and that “adults report greater happiness after spending money on a... Read More
Sharon Amey living with purpose at Garden Spot Village by helping children at school.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip Highlights

In early 2016 a team of Garden Spot Village staff and residents traveled to Santo Domingo to serve with CURE International. This video captures the highlights of their adventures while serving. Read More