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Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Exploring the Holy Land

“It was exhaustingly life-giving,” says John Hart, Garden Spot Village resident since December 2016, describing the trip he and his wife, Sherry, took to Israel in June 2018. The tour, which they booked through Chosen People Ministries, was an 11-day learning journey that included 10 hours of sightseeing each day coupled with several hours of teaching and worship each evening. Six hundred people from 17 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Costa Rica, participated in the tour. ... Read More
Garden Spot Village Resident Gordon Lash interacts with students from New Holland Elementary.

Crafting Cross-Generational Memories

New Holland Elementary School Principal Jeff Starr: “We have a need—kids thirsty for learning—and Garden Spot Village residents have a desire to transfer their hands-on wisdom.” In November 2018 Meghan Clisham, a 5th grade teacher at New Holland Elementary, contacted Garden Spot Village, asking if it was possible to work together to create an afterschool club for her students. Larry Knepper, Garden Spot Village resident since August 2009 and Wood Shop member, approached the Wood Shop... Read More
Don & Lois Adrich and Fred & Eileen Eck coordinate a free community meal at CrossNet Youth Center each month.

Celebrating Community

“It’s a nice opportunity to get together,” says Ruth Frantz, who lives across the street from the CrossNet Youth Center on Franklin Street. “The meals are very nice, the people are very nice and we enjoy going.” Ruth, her sons and her granddaughters frequently enjoy dinner together at Garden Spot Village’s Swipe Out Hunger meal served on the fourth Monday evening of each month at CrossNet Youth Center. In March 2017 Fred and... Read More
The Cliffs of Moher offered a breathtaking view.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey

“I had been talking about it for years. And it was just perfect,” Kathy Miller says as she reflects on the trip she and her husband Dick took with her niece, Jill, and nephew-in-law, Randy, in September 2018. The occasion? Dick and Kathy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2018 and their recent move to Garden Spot Village in May 2018 made traveling even easier than before.  Dick and Kathy love to travel; a trip to Ireland was on their... Read More
Barb Masho finds joy and purpose in sharing the magic of Christmas through her role as Mrs. Claus.

Sharing the Magic of Christmas

When Barb Masho dons her Mrs. Claus costume throughout the Christmas season she transforms into a loveable character that children can’t resist. She fills her pockets with sprinkle dust and loops a key on a string around her neck, all props to help her answer the inevitable questions: How does Santa get down my chimney? I don’t have a fireplace, how does he get into my house? “I love being Mrs. Claus,” Barb, who... Read More
Carl Edwards, CrossNet Youth Director, works closely with Fred & Eileen Eck and Don & Lois Aldrich as Garden Spot Villages serves a community meal each month.

Not just a COMMUNITY. A MEMBER of the community.

The people who live and work at Garden Spot Village continuously explore the abundant opportunities they have to live with purpose in community. At times, community centers around 433 S Kinzer Avenue. At other times, community extends to New Holland, Lancaster County and the world. Garden Spot Village partners with like-minded organizations to make some of the connections that extend beyond our campus. One of Garden Spot Village’s closest partners is CrossNet Ministries, located on Franklin Street in New... Read More