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Dale Hostetter and Ed Blakeslee work on Ed's tractor in Dale's garage.

Dale Hostetter: “What have I never done before?”

When Dale Hostetter moved to Sycamore Springs in August 2017, he saw new possibilities everywhere. He was in a new community, with a brand new house, new neighbors and new opportunities. He had spent the previous 18 months mourning the loss of his wife, Mae, and was ready to start fresh. As he settled into his new home, he asked himself, “What have I never done before?” Dale grew up on a dairy farm in Gap,... Read More
Kelly Sweigart serves as Sales Director at Garden Spot Village.

New Responsibilities

The best part of my job is when I call and tell a future resident, ‘I have a home for you!’” Kelly Sweigart says. Recently promoted to Director of Sales, Kelly now leads the sales team at Garden Spot Village. For the past five years Kelly has served as sales associate, meeting with prospective residents, hearing their stories, and helping them make the decision to move to Garden Spot Village. Initially hired to help sell the 77... Read More
Bruce Munshower takes a moment to rest after hiking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

“I love setting a challenging goal then going about achieving it, especially in cooperation with others,” says Bruce Munshower, who moved to Garden Spot Village in May 2019 with his wife, SaraJane. Bruce has been hiking his way through the Appalachian Trail eight to nine miles at a time. The well-known Appalachian Trail is over 2,000 miles long, reaching from Maine all the way to Georgia. Before moving to Garden Spot, Bruce and SaraJane lived in Connecticut where their son,... Read More
Evelyn Hershey learned to craft African cooking pots in Kenya in 2015.

Embracing the Pull of Africa

“When you get the African mud between your toes, it pulls you back,” says Evie Hershey, a Garden Spot Village resident since August 2019. Evie should know. She took her first trip to Africa when she visited her daughter, Rhonda, who was working as a teacher in the Congo, in 2011. Rhonda had recently had a baby and needed some help with child care so she could attend a conference. That first trip took her to Zambia as well. She... Read More
John and Sharon Sheaffer enjoy their new home at Garden Spot Village.

Enjoying a New Community

Dr. John Sheaffer, Jr. can trace the history of his family’s farm all the way to an indenture from William Penn’s nephew. Over the next 300 years, members of the Sheaffer family lived in the home, passing it from generation to generation. John and his wife, Sharon, purchased the home in 1965. In September 2020, when John and Sharon moved to Garden Spot Village, their son Aaron and his wife, Pammi, and their son, Enoch, became the next generations... Read More
Bob & Pat Banks walk Finn in the Garden Spot Village Legacy Garden.

Bob and Pat Banks: An Affordable Solution

“I think I’ve actually sold half a dozen people or so on coming to Garden Spot Village. It’s funny, my one friend said, ‘You should become a Garden Spot salesperson,’” Pat Banks says with a laugh. For the past 40 years Pat has been in sales—sharing a solution that works is natural for her! When her sister, Jeanne Lang, moved to Garden Spot in 2015, Pat knew that... Read More