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Barb Masho finds joy and purpose in sharing the magic of Christmas through her role as Mrs. Claus.

Sharing the Magic of Christmas

When Barb Masho dons her Mrs. Claus costume throughout the Christmas season she transforms into a loveable character that children can’t resist. She fills her pockets with sprinkle dust and loops a key on a string around her neck, all props to help her answer the inevitable questions: How does Santa get down my chimney? I don’t have a fireplace, how does he get into my house? “I love being Mrs. Claus,” Barb, who... Read More
Carl Edwards, CrossNet Youth Director, works closely with Fred & Eileen Eck and Don & Lois Aldrich as Garden Spot Villages serves a community meal each month.

Not just a COMMUNITY. A MEMBER of the community.

The people who live and work at Garden Spot Village continuously explore the abundant opportunities they have to live with purpose in community. At times, community centers around 433 S Kinzer Avenue. At other times, community extends to New Holland, Lancaster County and the world. Garden Spot Village partners with like-minded organizations to make some of the connections that extend beyond our campus. One of Garden Spot Village’s closest partners is CrossNet Ministries, located on Franklin Street in New... Read More
Darlene Smith, Garden Spot Village resident, and Brenda Kauffman, Garden Spot Village team member, interact with a child during a Garden Spot Village Travel with Purpose trip to Kijabe, Kenya.

Discovering Joy on the Other Side of the World

“Kijabe means joy to me,” says Darlene Smith, a Garden Spot Village resident since August 2014. On Friday, September 28 Darlene and a team of 9, which included residents, staff and family members, traveled 7,443 miles from New Holland to Kijabe Kenya to serve with CURE Kenya on a recent Garden Spot Village Travel with Purpose Trip. After nearly 24 hours of traveling they landed in Nairobi, Kenya and the real adventure began. Sunday included church at the Methare North Mennonite Church in... Read More
Ted and Kathy Krug enjoy walking in the Legacy Garden at Garden Spot Village.

Finding a New Way Forward

Ted and Kathy Krug began casually to research retirement communities right around the time they turned 60. With the children grown, it was time to downsize their home in Maryland and find a community closer to Ted’s work at John’s Great Cars in Reading, Pennsylvania. In August 2015, they moved to an apartment in York, which landed them squarely between Reading, their daughter and her family in Maryland and Ted’s parents in New Oxford, Pennsylvania.  ... Read More
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Preparing the Next Generation

Hilda Bradney, a Garden Spot Village resident since November 2016, spends much of her time investing in the next generation. With more than 55 years of ministry experience in the United States, Costa Rica and Paraguay, she finds joy in pouring wisdom into the lives of her students at the University of Valley Forge (UVF). When Hilda and her husband Bill returned to the United States in 2002 after serving with Assemblies of God World Missions in Costa Rica and Paraguay, they began... Read More
Jim and Jennie Sauer enjoy driving their Sunbeam Tiger on bright, sun-filled days.

Connecting with their New Community

On beautiful, sunshine-filled days, Jim and Jennie Sauer enjoy taking their 1965 Sunbeam Tiger for leisurely drives. The Tiger, which they bought new in 1966, was their only mode of transportation when they purchased it. Today, 50 years later, the car connects them to others across the mid-Atlantic region who are enthusiasts of cars made by Rootes Motors Limited, a British automobile manufacturing company founded by Lord William Edward Rootes. Attending the annual Sunbeam BASH—an event facilitated by Tigers East/Alpines... Read More