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Joe Woods faithfully drives the Jolly Trolley on Friday afternoons, offering a smile and a friendly greeting.

Driving with a Smile

Joe Woods drives the Jolly Trolley every Friday afternoon, greeting riders with a smile and his signature greeting, “Today is Friday. And on Fridays, all the rides are free.” Riders usually respond with a smile and a chuckle. For Joe, connecting with people, putting a smile on their faces or a smile in their hearts is what driving the Jolly Trolley is about. He’s not just moving people from one area of the community to another... Read More
Adam and Jerrene Zimmerman at their home at Sycamore Springs at Garden Spot Village

Fulfilling a Passion to Explore the World

Adam and Jerrene Zimmerman love to travel. As newlyweds they took Frommer’s “Europe on $5 a Day” challenge and spent five weeks exploring 13 countries in Europe in a used van they purchased after arriving in Amsterdam. Their experiences from that once-in-a-lifetime trip served to heighten their interest in exploring the world. Through the years that followed they continued to travel occasionally. Limited vacation time and the ongoing maintenance of a farm with extensive flower beds and landscaping... Read More
Bob Collins finds purpose working in the metal shop at Garden Spot Village

Crafting a Future

When Bob and Bernie Collins moved to Rose Court in November 2016 Bob moved his welding and machining equipment into the garage of his new home. He quickly realized it wasn’t safe to use the machinery in the garage, so he reached out to Colleen Musselman, director of life enrichment, in March 2017 to figure out his options for pursuing his lifelong passion of metalworking.  A machinist and millwright by trade, Bob started working with metal and creating custom... Read More
Tom Plitt serves as Township Supervisor for Earl Township, New Holland PA

Making a Difference

When Tom Plitt moved to Garden Spot Village in September 2003 the relationship between Earl Township and Garden Spot Village could have been better. Although Garden Spot Village is situated in the township, there was a perception that the residents were not a vital part of the larger community. With experience working with the sewer authority in his previous community in Downingtown, Tom began to explore running for township supervisor. He lost his first election but was elected township supervisor in... Read More
Ed and Pat Frankel in Uganda

In Search of a Silverback Gorilla

“If a gorilla charges you, stand still, hold your ground and you should be OK,” says Ed Frankel. He grins and shakes his head, remembering the moment in September 2017 when a silverback gorilla in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest charged him. Ed relates the story, “We were walking up a mountain for about three and a half hours, looking for the gorillas, and we were tired. I didn’t see him because he was behind... Read More
John Clough with his airplane in the hanger

Living with Grace and Balance

John Clough learned how to work growing up at Shiloh, a religious community in New York State’s snow belt, that was one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement in the 1950s. When he and his wife, Ruth, moved to Garden Spot Village in 2010 John was putting in seven days a week running his company, Garden Spot Distributors, a supplier of natural, organic, gluten-free packaged products. In January of 2017, he sold the company. Under an agreement with... Read More