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John Clough with his airplane in the hanger

Living with Grace and Balance

John Clough learned how to work growing up at Shiloh, a religious community in New York State’s snow belt, that was one of the pioneers of the organic farming movement in the 1950s. When he and his wife, Ruth, moved to Garden Spot Village in 2010 John was putting in seven days a week running his company, Garden Spot Distributors, a supplier of natural, organic, gluten-free packaged products. In January of 2017, he sold the company. Under an agreement with... Read More

Creating Opportunities to Live with Purpose

When Carl DePue mentioned that he would like to visit the Garden Spot Village Woodshop, Jackie Holzel, activities director and volunteer services coordinator at Maple Farm, quickly started to figure out how to make the visit happen. In March, Carl as well as Jefferson Zoller, George King and Jake Echternach visited the woodshop and interacted with Garden Spot Village woodshop members. The visit sparked new relationships and created an opportunity to live with purpose in community for the men from... Read More