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Bob Collins appreciates the abundant opportunities he has to serve with purpose at Garden Spot Village.

Exploring Opportunities to Serve

“The possibilities are unlimited for volunteering at Garden Spot Village. Volunteering provides an opportunity for me to stay active and engaged,” says Bob Collins, a Garden Spot Village resident since November 2016. Bob says he got his first volunteer metalworking job the summer after 2nd grade. He and his family lived in downtown Reading and one of his neighbors had a broken chain on her bike. Inspired by his older brother’s expertise in metalworking, Bob fixed the... Read More
Gladys Kolb appreciates the many opportunities she has to live with purpose at Garden Spot Village, especially the opportunities she has to serve other people.

A Heart to Bless Others

“Each day, the prayer for Dan and me is, ‘Who can we bless today?’” says Gladys Kolb, who moved to Garden Spot Village in April 2018 with her husband Dan from Spring City, Pennsylvania. Gladys truly lives her prayer, reaching out to people around her and ministering one-on-one through Caring Connections and A Quiet Presence. Through her gift of hospitality she serves quietly, making people feel comfortable, welcome and important, wherever they are. After her first husband... Read More
Myron Slabaugh, future resident, and Ed Blakeslee, Garden Spot Village resident, work at a home in Chester County through a partnership with Good Works.

Good Works

“After a day of volunteering with Good Works you are tired, but you feel like you made a difference,” says Cliff Anderson, a Garden Spot Village resident since March 2017. Cliff has a long history with Good Works, a Chester County-based home repair ministry he volunteered with weekly from 2007 until 2016. He was inspired to volunteer after attending a retirement preparation seminar at work. During the seminar the speaker said, “It&rsquo... Read More
Larry Welsch buys, restores and sells old cars, including the 1937 Cord shown here.

Restoring History

Larry Welsch, a Garden Spot Village resident since May 2012, has been buying and selling old cars since he was a teenager. It was a hobby that quickly became a side business, even as he worked full-time.  “I was always interested in old cars; I never wanted a new car,” Larry says. “Buying and selling old cars became a no-brainer when I bought my first car and then sold it for a profit.... Read More
Ed and Darlene Smith, Garden Spot Village residents since August 2014, collect waste Styrofoam and take it to Dart Container in Leola for recycling.

SUSTAIN: Building a Better Life for Everyone

Individuals at Garden Spot Village have been working behind the scenes for years to improve our environment. Ed and Darlene Smith, Garden Spot Village residents since August 2014, established convenient drop off locations for waste Styrofoam around campus and faithfully transport it to Dart Container in Leola every few weeks. “We worked in plastics for years and we know Styrofoam can be recycled. There are only six locations in the United States... Read More
Twenty eight men officially belong to the Garden Spot Village Train Room, working together to serve and entertain the community. Pictured, left to right: Harry Black, Art Johnsen, Mike Lanyon, Charley Hentz

Model Train Room

“Our goal is to entertain the community,” Harry Black says. “We like to see people visit, interact with the trains and leave happy.” When Harry and Mary Alice Black were preparing to move to Garden Spot Village in 2003, Harry realized that the train layout he had started in his retirement needed a new home as well. He connected with Colleen Musselman, director of life enrichment, to see if Garden Spot Village would want a train layout... Read More